Kent Wine Industry

The UK is the sixth largest wine consuming country in the world, with the average person consuming 12.3 litres per year.  

Although evidence suggests vineyards and wine-making were prominent in England over 2000 years ago under Roman occupation, the renaissance in English wine production is a relatively recent phenomenon, driven predominantly by the increasingly temperate climate. 

The chalky soil of Kent creates viticulture conditions very similar to the Champagne region of France, and as a result the county is at the heart of the UK's wine industry.  

Sparkling wines, in particular,  are a huge success story, with many of the county’s leading producers punching well above their weight in national and international markets. It is not just sparkling though that is making waves, with extremely high quality still wines also being produced through the use of new grape varieties, more suitable growing techniques and improved disease control.  

The Wine Garden of England was established to bring together eight of the leading vineyards from across Kent, creating a world class wine trail and visitor experience across the county. The Tudor Peacock is proud to work with all eight producers from the Wine Garden of England, plus lots of other independent vineyards.  

Media and public interest in English wines has never been greater, and the county is now attracting the attention of major Champagne houses, looking to take advantage of the ideal growing conditions on offer. This is evident in Chilham, where Domaine Evremond, majority owned by Taittinger, has planted more than 40 hectares of vines in and around the village, and their state of the art winery, representing more than £7 million of investment, is a mere five minute walk from The Tudor Peacock.